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What is INpowered?

INpowered really started out as Woman INpowered, WIP when Alison got up and decided to live in December 1994 but, was born in 2000 when Mark wrote his thesis on self-defence for women.

It became a full-time concern in 2012.

The History of INpowered

Mark and Alison met in London in 1990 and after returning to South Africa two years later they lost contact.

In December 1994, Alison was abducted outside her home by two men who raped, stabbed and disembowelled her, finally slashing her throat to make sure she was dead. No one could have believed that anyone with such severe injuries could have been alive but miraculously, she survived. The way she survived, her inner strength and determination, her lack of bitterness and her serenity and humility captured the attention of the whole of South Africa.

Mark, after reading about the attack in the press and after much persistence, managed to make contact with Alison and they realised that they share a belief that there is a need for a self-INpowerment system that is specifically designed for woman of all ages.

A key element for a grading to 5th Dan is an in depth study and thesis on a subject pertaining to Karate. This was the opportunity for Mark to put all his beliefs, thoughts and discussions with Alison on paper. After much research and development, WIP was born.

In 2016 we realized that there was a need to develop a product for men and GRIP took flight.

INpowered was created to house these brands under one roof because the power is INside you…

What is WIP?

WIP is an extremely simple, easy to learn, yet devastatingly effective self INpowerment system that has been designed specifically for women to give them the mental and physical ability to make a Choice in a threatening situation.


Most men think that they can, and most women think that they can’t…the FACT is BOTH are wrong…unless you have been taught you don’t know how…Men often get themselves and their families in dangerous situations because they think they can fight and that they know how to just because they are men, women look to men thinking he is a man, he CAN protect me……..NO he can’t unless he “knows” how….not thinks he knows how !


INpowering Women in the Muslim community

Zafrat is an Arabic word for strength.

Faatimah Essop and Farida Kadwa started karate almost 20 years ago with Mark Grobbelaar the Founder of Woman INpowered, they expressed the need for a personal protection program within the Muslim community for Muslim women

Zafrat, a personal protection program designed specifically for woman in the Muslim community and is powered by @womanINpowered

Farida Kadwa farida.kadwa@wip.org.za +27 83 527 5123

Faatimah Essop faatimah.essop@wip.org.za +27 73 523 7299

Girl Power

Girl Power, is a product for younger ladies we have developed along with other products, including our motivational talks and will continue to evolve and develop products for the ever changing landscape in which we operate.

Why only 16 days of activism?

What about the other 349 days of the year?

What is the use of 16 days of activism, if we just continue as normal for the rest of the year?


Our Vision is to be a world leader in the field of INpowering men and women to have the mental and physical ability to make a choice in any situation or circumstance in today’s violent society

Mission Statement

INpowered seeks to establish and maintain a position as the leader in our field

INpowered aims to remain innovative by developing and marketing its program to its full potential.

INpowered will strive for the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

INpowered will inspire its instructors through training and professionalism to deliver an easy learning program of the highest standards.

INpowered recognizes long term growth depends on delivering and achieving full belief and acceptance of our program structure.

INpowered‘s goal is to provide complete satisfaction in delivering a quality program on time, every time.

INpowered pledges to invest in the community we serve.

What you need to know…

  • INpowered is a modular program that can be completed at your pace
  • Money backed guarantee
  • Electronic manual
  • Certificate
  • Lifelong membership
  • Free refresher courses
  • Proof of INpowerment by breakthrough

What INpowered is not …

Self defense

• Going to teach you how to fight

• Going to guarantee any outcome from a hostile situation