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TypeOnline Course
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The INpowered Personal Protection Program is an extremely simple, easy to learn, yet devastatingly effective self INpowerment system that has been designed specifically for women to give them the mental and physical ability to make a Choice in a threatening situation.

Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction to INpowered
Lecture 2Alison's Story
Lecture 3Self Defence Course, Fact or Myth?
Section 2Frame of Mind and Thought Process
Lecture 4Choice
Lecture 5Choices-the 3 F's
Section 3Layers of Safety
Lecture 6Knowledge & Awareness
Lecture 7Once Off Measures
Lecture 8Good Daily Habits
Lecture 9Positioning
Lecture 10Boundaries and Self Worth
Lecture 11Verbal De-escalation and Enforcement
Lecture 12Physical Technique
Section 4Dos & Don'ts of Personal Protection
Lecture 13The Rules; The 5 Do's
Lecture 14The Rules; Don't Go to the Second Place
Lecture 15The Rules; Don't Underestimate or Trust Anyone
Lecture 16The Rules; Don't Ignore Your Sixth Sense
Lecture 17The Rules; Don't Doubt or Hesitate
Section 5Identifying a Threat
Lecture 18The Triangle of Jeopardy
Lecture 19Case Studies
Section 6The 5 Stages of Violent Crime
Lecture 20The 5 Stages of Violent Crime
Lecture 21Case Studies
Section 7Physical Technique-One to the Power of 3
Lecture 221 Target
Lecture 231 Technique
Lecture 241 Position
Section 8Concepts of the Physical Technique
Lecture 25Focus
Lecture 26Pull & Push
Lecture 27Hips & Shoulders
Lecture 28Triangle of Power
Lecture 29Disguise
Section 9How It Works
Lecture 30The One Position; Zero to Hero & EFT
Lecture 31The Mechanics; How It Works
Section 10Practical Training
Lecture 32Practical Training: Session 1
Lecture 33Practical Training: Session 2
Section Quiz
Section 11Submit Video & Purchase Board
Lecture 34Purchase Board
Section Quiz
Section 12Breaking Thru Barriers

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