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13 Jan 2021



I recently wrote a series of articles called “On Guard” for the Citizen, see https://inpowered.co.za/media-links/ , I was told by my selfappointed writing coach “tell a story” after the first draft of my fist column was not well received. I proceeded to cover a range of topics and subjects that are covered in the WIP/GRIP programs outlining our philosophy and what makes what we do so unique.Then during lockdown I did a number of interviews with people that had been through the program to get feedback on their experience and what effect it had had on their lives even years afterwards.(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCSNKbuh_fY46JTw54qxing…) From withIN was born, expanding on INpowered rather than empowered , and that the power is INside you and that YOU are all you need to be INspired and INspirational and that anything is possible when you look IN.So with 2021 on us, one of my goals is to expand “From withIN” and increase our social media presence, start people talking and thinking about stuff , upset the apple cart and maybe ruffle a few feathers in the process.I have been watching social media and there are too many “just add water ninja courses” doing the rounds which INfuriate me as to the untrained and vunerable they seem like a good idea, taking guns and knives off people etc. I will unpack some of these and probably piss a few people off in the process but hey I don’t care we are talking about serious stuff here and some of these “johnny come latelys” have really not thought this through.I invite you to join me on this journey, please share , comment and even disagree on my BLOGS, VLOGS, RANTS, RAVES, INTERESTING STUFF AND OTHER AMAZING STORIES

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