Woman INpowered online course

Mark Grobbelaar
INpowered Founder & CEO 

  • Awareness and process of a violent crime
  • Rules to lower your risk profile
  • Physical technique to immobilize someone bigger than you
  • Real life case studies
  • One on one zoom or in person meeting to ensure you have perfected the technique
  • Invaluable information that could potentially save your life

The Program Covers

Awareness & the process of violent crime

Crime has a process and certain elements must be in place for it to happen.

The actual attack is only the fourth element in the process.

If you can identify the elements as they happen, often a violent crime can be avoided.

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Rules to lower your risk profile

Often we do silly things that increase our risk profile, because we don't know any better..

Following a few simple rules can minimize you and your family's exposure to criminals.

physical technique

A super simple physical technique

That you don't need to practice 

That you will never forget

That needs no athletic ability or strength

And will immobilize anybody, all the time


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